Small Fire Big Adventures (SFBA) was introduced to support the ‘skills for life’ strategy both in The Scouting and the Public Sector. Our aim is to improve and develop; through the use of practical fun and rewarding activities.

  • Personal confidence
  • Self-belief in themselves
  • Ability to share new skills with others
  • Understand, embrace and respect nature

We have a dedicated team of instructors that come with many years of outdoor living and bushcraft experience, they will guide you through practical application and knowledge from start to finish with each new skill. We have safety, enjoyment and learning at the forefront of our courses and we encourage the use of hands on bushcraft as much as possible.

At times people will feel out of their comfort zones with some of the activities, but it is only through exploring new adventures together that we can become upstanding, trustworthy and confident individuals in their community.


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